Thursday, August 20, 2009

While on our trip I used a canon digital camera, Powershot A530 and was impressed with the way it worked during a visit to the Newport Aquarium. I could use it on manual mode and brace the camera on a sturdy ledge and take available light pictures that I couldn't have taken as easily with film. In this case I was photographing a very dark aquarium but fortunate that the inhabitants just sat very still . The top one is a typical auto setting flash image, the bottom one though I placed the camera on a sturdy surface turned the auto flash off and took a picture of about a 1 second exposure that I could later adjust the color on with photo-editing software. I wouldn't think of giving up the darkroom but when it comes to the "snapshot" the digital camera is very flexible and convenient. I can see why a lot of "photographers" embrace the technology it has a very short learning curve and requires no skill, talent or commitment.


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