Sunday, June 06, 2010

I worked this weekend on trying to improve the print for this negative.  The top image was done in April using my old D-2, with an ilford paper warmtone semi-matt and a #2 filter with no manipulation of the print.  I wasn't happy with the print it was flat and the details of the face of the Dragon on the left was too dark and lost in the background.  The bottom print was done this weekend using the Zone VI enlarger.  I dialed a much higher soft contrast setting, but then on top of that did a short exposure with only the hard contrast light to punch up the blacks.  I also pre-flashed the paper by .6 of a second to eliminate the pure white paper base and did a little burning in on the upper left.  I used a gloss paper. I really believe I am making better prints with the new enlarger.


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