Friday, November 11, 2011

Working with the Digital Camera yesterday in the Japanese Gardens I was pleased with the flexibility of being able to change ISO settings depending on light conditions.  I stayed between 50-200 though for all the pictures.  It was Sunny but not in the gardens where most of the time I was there the sun did not rise above the tall firs that surround the gardens.
I didn't bring a tripod but found places where I could brace my camera for longer exposures.  I like to work with a minimum of equipment anyway and just make what I have work for me.  Less is more.
In the shadows a problem with color film would have been the color of light that might have made everything blue and desaturated the colors.  I could adjust the white balance and boost the color though something that would be difficult with film.  I find the digital format works better with flat even lighting rather than bright sun.
I continue to work with Raw Format when I can.  Some shooting functions don't give you the option.
I am pleased with the results that I can get a dark brooding image with color thanks to the way the image can be manipulated with the camera and later with editing software.


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