Sunday, December 10, 2006

2000 Negatives Last weekend I began the process of organizing the boxes of negatives I've stored over the years going back to 1967. A rough count gave me around 2000 and that was just the black and white. I haven't explored the color negatives that sit in boxes in our attic. I print about 1% of what I take initially. Looking back over the old stuff from high school and college and the years after though I come across negatives I never touched back then but now find interesting. My Kamm house ruin photos were such a case. Though the rotting old mansion fascinated me at the time I took the photos, the images that I took didn't quite capture what I wanted at the time. Thirty years later though I love them and wish I'd taken more. I also have old family negatives some going back to the 1930's that I sometimes work on trying to make higher quality prints of what were once just snap shots. So many negatives so little time.
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