Thursday, August 23, 2007

Print made during class at Newspace Center for Photography. I'm taking a two session Darkroom II class at Newspace and used their darkroom for the first time. It was a lot of fun being around other people who appreciate and are learning the silver medium. We were to bring some fiber paper and a negative to work with. I chose this negative of some Koi I photographed in the Japanese Gardens 2 years ago using my Leitz CL rangefinder with a 90mm lens I recently bought for it. I used a polarizing filter to reduce the reflection on the water. I wasn't happy with the results and brought the negative to get some advice on how I might improve it. Laura Valenti the instructor made some excellent suggestions and gave us a demonstration of split filter techniques. I am going to work this weekend on trying to maintain the same tonal range of a low contrast filter but boost the blacks with some additional exposure using a high contrast filter to see if I can make a better print. Update 8/25. I worked yesterday on improving the print with split filtering. Exposing the paper first with 1 1/2 and then an additional exposure using a 5 to shift the darker grays to black. I still don't care much for the picture but I feel I learned a technique that improved the print.


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