Friday, April 11, 2008

I picked up my framed photographs yesterday and I'm pleased. I don't think I'll have anything to be ashamed of in my first picture at an exhibition. I deferred to the taste of the framer which was a good idea since I have no experience in such things. The frame is of course black and the matte is a light ivory with a thin black bevel which compliments the gold toning. I printed the dogwood print with no cropping and allowed an irregular border of reflected light off of the negative carrier to frame the image. The bonsai tree looks especially nice the framing really improves the image. I thought it was a little flat but the black and ivory gives it a little more "snap". I don't know what I was thinking with the third picture I wish now I'd selected something else to frame considering the cost. I'm glad I had the bonsai image framed and it won't be in the show there is no risk I'll lose it. I'd like to keep it and have another one of those bonsai images framed to hang beside it. Today I went to the museum to check out the new aquisitions for the photo collection. Very nice a bit hard to find though. I needed a boost of some inspiration. I also wanted to look at the way artists signed their photographs. I decided not to sign on the matte but instead will sign the back. It's not like my name contributes anything to the print. I wish I had one of those bright red stamps that asian artists use with just my initials. Maybe I could have one made.


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