Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My first impressions of the pictures I took last month in Oaks Park are a tad low. The light wasn't all that cooperative but I discovered while shooting that working with the twin lens on a monopod gave me more flexibility then a tripod with similar stability. I also realized the advantages of the square format where one doesn't have to think about vertical or horizontal compositions. I also discovered when working with a waist level twin lens where you look down in to the camera while composing the shot people seem less aware that I was photographing them. Using a traditional camera like a SLR at eye level I've noticed makes people self-concious and aware that you are taking their picture and makes them react. I wished I'd worked with a faster film then Agfa 100 considering the overcast sky and low light that kept my exposures around f4 at 125th of a second. I worked yesterday on making a contact sheet and getting one fairly properly exposed print of what I thought initially was the most interesting negative. Since all of the negatives are of similar density I can use that print exposure time as the base point for the next test prints which will make the printing go a little faster with the next negative I select to work with. I did a high res scan of one image on the contact sheet and found this a pretty good way to evaluate the positive image. I selected the top image to work with next.


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