Friday, August 21, 2009

I received an e-mail yesterday about a juried show happening in November. You are limited to submitting 3 images taken in the last year but other then that no restrictions on content and no theme. This is the first time the jurors are people who are familiar with my pictures and know that I am serious about what I do. I like to take advantage of at least one opportunity per year to submit a new batch of pictures and since this kind of dropped out of the sky I'll take advantage of it.

I have about three weeks left to come up with my selections. I think I will pick something that I have taken in the last few months rather then culling work from years ago. Three pictures are a small sample and so I want to reduce the field. I'd like though to select three distinctly different pictures. The bottom one is not a picture I would have considered but the two people I showed it to liked it. It's one of those accidental images that you don't set out to take but end up being taken so maybe I should just go with it. It looks better as a scan though so I need to work on a print that meets my standards. The other two are much better prints but typical of what I always make and small so perhaps I could try to boost the size outside of my 5x7 on 8x10 matte comfort zone.


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