Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just got in a couple hundred sheets of glossy paper, a new bottle of developer and enough fixer for awhile. I just got through using up several hundred sheets of matt paper which I have a little over 20 sheets left. I actually have a pretty big collection of all kinds of photographic papers in all kinds of sizes but I like to have a good supply of a paper I prefer, which for now has been ilford warmtone fiber based in either semi-matt or gloss. I'm not sure what the Zone VI paper VCIII is all about. It is probably an ilford paper but I'm not sure if it's warm or cold toned. I was out of this warm tone ilford paper developer and mixed up a big batch of Bromophen another ilford paper developer similar to good old Kodak Dektol. I'll use that up first before I open this up.


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