Monday, September 14, 2009

Once again I submitted work for a show and once again I regret it.

It's complicated. There is something kind of unhealthy about wanting others approval because you may be setting yourself up for trying to please another persons aesthetic. Submitting pictures you think will be accepted rather then pictures you think represent your best work.

At this point in my photography I'm also working more from the technical rather then the aesthetic. I judge my pictures based primarily on the quality of the print rather then the content.
There is also the submission process in the digital age which I think is unfair to the analog photographer. A digital photogaph exists as a jpg file and the print eventually shown (but not judged) is a representation of the file. A analog photograph exists as a print and the scanned jpg file (which is judged) is a representation of the print so you are comparing apples to oranges.
In most juried shows that I've seen silver gelatin prints are included as a kind of token sub-class represented by a couple of prints that get lumped in with the desaturated digital print as just another "black and white" print.
I think analog photographs should be judged against other analog photographs and the work submitted as a print rather then a scan. Better yet just have seperate shows for analog work and that other stuff.


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