Thursday, June 17, 2010

One of the first prints I made soon after I built my darkroom from the first roll of film I had developed in almost 30 years.  Lot of water under the bridge as they say.  I would have printed this out using my D-2 with probably a crude enlarger lens, using the condenser head, and printing on variable contrast paper without any filters since I didn't own any yet.  Very flat.  I should dig out the negative as as an exercise try reprinting it.  Been busy this week though with visiting with my younger brother who is in town so haven't been able to get down in to the darkroom in almost 2 weeks.  I do have an interesting roll of film though from some pictures I took while my brother and I were visiting Garibaldi, Rockaway and Barview where our parents had a beach house they built back in the 70's and we all spent a lot of quality time there but it was a special place for my younger brother who spent a lot of time there with my parents and especially our father fishing and fixing the place up. 

Here is my first blog entry from June 17, 2006 when I just started this blog not really knowing what I would do with it.  I had already had a darkroom for almost 2 years and had taken a few workshops but I was still learning the medium. 
I of course will always be a student of the medium.  The first entry shows my disdain for the digital.  That's lessened a bit and I do use digital photographs on occaision in the blog and my scans of my prints are "manipulation of mega-pixels".  So it goes.


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