Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sheriff E.T. Mass

I also enjoy using my blog as a forum for my rage.  Here is a link to a story I posted about  the unfair treatment of my Grandfather a recently naturalized citizen of the United States, a husband and father of three small children who was committed to a mental hospital by a former Trolley Car driver who became the Sheriff of Clackamas County. He was held by the State Asylum System for 27 years and his wife and children left to fend for themselves. The State even took her to probate court to make her pay for his unconstitutional incarceration but it was demonstrated that she had nothing. Welcome to America Pavlina Hermanakova.


Anonymous Dale Moore said...

Tom, I think my father tormented Mr. Mass when he was a trolley car conductor. Dad and one of his buddies, Denny O'Grady, put a dummy (dressed in shoes, trousers, jacket, shirt, and hat) on the trolley tracks just around a blind curve on the old line between Oregon City and Milwaukie --- somewhere in Jennings Lodge. The conductor saw the dummy with almost no time left in which to stop the trolley; the car came to a stop just inches before the wheels hit the dummy. The conductor just sat in his operator's chair, shaking like a leaf --- then he climbed down from the operator's cab, covering his eyes with his hand, but peeking through his fingers, expecting to see a gory mess on the tracks. It slowly dawned on him that he had been "had" by the local "dead-end kids", and he became so enraged, he pulled the hat off the dummy's "head", and stomped that hat thoroughly into the ground! So, if Mass was the conductor from my Dad's story, he was none too stable mentally himself!
To hear Dad talk about those days in Jennings Lodge, there were a lot of people in positions of power who were totally "Loony Tunes" themselves!

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