Thursday, July 01, 2010

I worked on these prints yesterday from negatives exposed on a gloomy day in early June as they were setting up for the beginning of Rose Festival. I used Agfa 100 developed in Rodinal 50:1 dilution.  I like the perspective from the Morrison Bridge.  I should get a new box of paper next week to replace the one that I bought that was ruined.  I was using some Agfa paper that I developed in Dektol.  Dektol seems to work much faster than Bromophen the Ilford product that I haven't been able to find locally.  Citizens Photo used to carry a pretty good supply of Ilford Chemicals but now all they seem to have is old Kodak stock.  Too bad but I can always order online from B&H. When I print I watch for the first sign of development mark that time and then calculate the total developing time by multiplying that number by 6.  Perhaps it's been the rise in temperature lately but it seemed in early June when I was printing it was taking about 60 seconds for the first sign of developement so I would develop the paper for a full 6 minutes (6x60=360/60=6).  Yesterday it was taking more like 25sec. for a developement time of 2 1/2 minutes (25x6=150/60=2.5).  I was diluting the dektol 2 to 1 but then went to 3 to 1 to try and slow it down a bit. 


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