Sunday, June 20, 2010


Here are the first three prints made from negatives I shot down around the abandoned moorage in Garibaldi built in the 1970's to accomodate all of the sports and charter fishing that was going on out of Tillamook Bay. In it's day my brother told me that fisherman with their boats on trailers were lined through the park all the way to 101 waiting for their turn to put in.  Not sure what brought about this decline in the industry but the results are dramatic. In the top photograph you can see to the left the giant smoke stack that is the only remaining renament of the large lumber mill that once occupied this space. For me though it was a wonderful subject that I could explore alone which is my favorite way to photograph.  It was also an ideal subject for black, white and gray scale photography.  I still have some additional images to print and I am looking forward to selenium toning a set of the prints to see how that works with the group.  All of these photographs were taken with a 24mm Nikkor lens, on 35mm Agfa 100 film, using a polarizing filter to bring out the sky in the landscapes and printed out on Ilford warmtone gloss fiber paper.


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