Sunday, October 16, 2011

In the above photo one can see a demonstration going on in front of the Justice Center  while a Occupy Portland representative and the Police keep up a dialogue.
The Thompson Elk center of Main Street downtown Portland.
This city that has been created here in a public park is beginning to remind me a bit of the old film by King Vidor called 'Our Daily Bread' a film that I think got the film maker black-listed because it was about a Socialist Commune being formed by a group of unemployed people during the Great Depression.  It's also reminding me a bit of the community in Ursula LeGuins novel 'The Dispossesed'.  For awhile one could have called this movement 'Occupy Main Street' because Main Street runs between the two parks that are occupied and the movement blocked the street.  After the Mayor asked real, real nice for them to liberate it from their control the groups General Committee had a meeting and said 'No'.  The Police then had to take it back and 8 people were arrested.
More pictures from Occupy Portland.  These taken last Friday using a Nikkormat with tri-x pan film.  Developed in HC-110 and printed out on warm tone ilford paper.
Working with film after using a digital camera for a week was an adjustment.  I would forget to think about focusing but I would think about aperture and shutter settings which I still do with the digital because I use the manual settings so I can shoot in RAW format.


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