Friday, October 14, 2011

 Occupy Portland has been going on now for a week.  I've been using it as an opportunity to experiment with my Canon Powershot Pro-1.  Digital does offer advantages to be able to concentrate on composition and the snap shot. An event likes this allows me to move around and photograph freely and be ignored.  The totally self-absorbed make perfect subjects for shy photographers.

 I am surprised the movement is getting as much cred and tolerance as it is.  Everyone playing nice and getting along. Political theatre and a party with donated food and their entertainment for the lunch hour crowd.
 After a week of use I've come to use the camera on manual setting and shoot RAW images.  I have been primarily shooting in the 28mm-50mm focal lengths.

The media is around but there is not much to report.  They stand around rather bored and waiting for something to happen.


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