Sunday, October 16, 2011

Analog vs Digital
I have had a little over a week now to try out my digital camera and then to swap back to one of my 35mm SLR's and shoot a roll of film and develop and print in the darkroom.  The weekend was nice and I could have been out in the sun with the digital but once I got in the darkroom again I stayed submerged in the dark most of yesterday and again today.  I was having a lot of fun.  Perhaps I am more interested in the making of photographs as opposed to the taking of photographs and that is what draws me to the process of shooting film, developing it, and then printing images a process that can consume most of a weekend with development, washing, drying.  I spent several days in the process of making 10 prints something I could have done in 10 minutes with the digital camera and a computer and printer but what is the fun in that?  The darkroom and the "digital darkroom" have nothing in common.  It's not the same it's not even close.  I can remember being at Citizens Photo once years ago when I started using the camera again and listening to a former analog photographer talking about the joy of the digital process over the old ways.  I thought to myself that he probably was enjoying digital so much  because he sucked as a photographer.  Digital doesn't require a photographer really, just some idiot to push a button. Don't get me wrong I really love this digital camera, I'd take it to bed with me but it can't replace the magic.  There is nothing magical about it. 


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