Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some photos from a visit to the Zoo with a photographer friend of mine.  It was her digital camera that inspired me to buy the model that I now own.  She recently graduated though to a full on Canon DSLR that is HUGE.  I like that one can view  truly through the lens with the DSLR like a film camera SLR but other than that I am fine with the more compact and "simpler" to operate Canon Pro-1.  Afterall I am first and foremost a film photographer.  This picture of two ducks is my favorite.  The pond had this yellowish colored bottom that makes the picture look like an antique Japanese Print.
I like that I could incorporate our shadows in this image.  It adds another "dimension" to the photograph by introducing features in to the composition that are not in front of the lens.  The trees, the fence, and us.  We take the picture and we our part of the picture at the same time.
I borrowed my friends polarizing filter for this shot.  The shift is not as dramatic with digital the way it is with film though the sky did come out a little darker.
These frameworks of lights are a feature for Christmas time when the Zoo opens at night so you can see these elaborate light displays.  Later as we were leaving and dusk was approaching the lights started coming on but I was getting tired of taking pictures.


Blogger Lorita OLeary said...

These turned out so nice. That was a fun day.

5:45 PM  

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