Friday, September 28, 2012

These are images from my first roll of color film I shot with the Mamiya RB67.  I still have some black and white negatives to work with but the problem with putting them up on my blog is that my printer/scanner stopped working so I have been unable to scan the prints.  When I have color film developed I have a high res disc made along with prints so I was able to include these images.  The exposure is a bit off in a lot of these prints which I believe was my fault.  I'm impressed with the camera.  I have never used a medium format SLR before but I really like it.  I have ordered light seals for replacing and I hope to do that soon.  There appear to be no light leaks but the gooey left over seals are messy when it comes to handling the camera and I'd rather not spread the stuff around in the camera while using it.


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