Saturday, August 25, 2007

I printed the image uncropped to reveal more of the details. This film was pushed I can tell by the grain and contrast. I have no idea what is going on at the right of the image but I left it in so I wouldn't have to crop any of the image. On close inspection I think I see myself having makeup applied on the left so I probably didn't take this picture.

Amongst my Souvenirs

I'm not sure if I took this picture. This was a photograph taken in the makeup room behind our High School "Little Theatre" stage before a production of a play in March 1971. I had a part in the play but since I am not in the picture it's possible I took the photo myself or it might have been taken by a high school chum of mine who actually did become a professional photographer in their adult life. I also think it's a great photograph so I wouldn't mind taking credit for it. I should see if I can find the negative since I kept all of the negatives of pictures I took for the High School Annual and Newspaper. There are a few people in this picture that were close friends of mine at the time, a few I wish had been closer friends of mine and my favorite teacher of all time is giving us some last minute instructions before we go on. The boy at the top of the image slightly right of center with the dark hair and major brows writes articles on style and interior decorating for the local papers and one night I saw him co-hosting (in a tux with bright red cumberbund) a OPB fund raiser presentation of 'Sound of Music'. If anyone actually reads this blog I wonder if they can guess what play this might be. It's based on a well known work, was a very successful play and was also made in to a film by one of Hollywood's great directors and won 3 Oscars. In my own opinion though the play totally sucks. I didn't think much of the movie either.


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