Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I like beginnings and endings. It's in the middle where my mind wanders and I start to get bored. I am very focused though when starting a new endeavor and when finishing it. It's probably an attention disorder thing. I am going to work on taking more new pictures and discovering more old pictures. Today I took 25 old slides in to be scanned. Most were pictures I took in the 70's and forgotten. What was old seems new again. I also continue to be fascinated by old family photographs. I made it through an entire calender year with this blog. It keeps changing on me. Sometimes it's a gallery, a museum, a confessional, a mirror, a sounding board, a touchstone, a soapbox. I haven't taken any pictures in over a month or worked in the darkroom. I was thinking of taking a calligraphy class now that I have that nice drafting table and there is a one day workshop at Newspace in February on advanced darkroom techniques I plan on enrolling in. Hopefully it will have enough people signed up for it to happen. Whatever happens I'll write about it here.


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