Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two new photos of the Magnolia bloom I photographed last weekend. These were taken with my Mamiya C220 using Agfa 25 film and one printed on cold tone paper the other warm tone. When working with the cold tone papers I seem to prefer a higher contrast filter like 3-4 to get the result I am looking for with the warm tone paper I use a 1-2. Not sure why that is. I'm dissapointed with the batch of pictures from this roll but I still have one roll of 35mm Agfa 25 and my 4x5 sheet film yet to be developed. When I print 6x6 or 6x7 negatives I use a enlarger lens with 105mm focal length. I have one 105mm enlarger lens of dubious quality the other is a 105mm nikkor bellows lens that I can fit to the enlarger with a lens plate that has a nikon bayonet mount that I found on e-bay. This is the better option for quality work. I have two excellent el-nikkors in 50mm and 75 mm for working with 35mm, and a 135mm el-nikkor and Rodenstock 150mm for 4x5.


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