Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am working on some entries to submit to a juried show for next year. The theme is "Flora and Fauna" and I am looking at photographs that blend the two. Botanical images that suggest bird forms. The Magnolia photograph I took with a 6x6 camera and I have been cropping it to 8x10 and then turning it on it's side. The Bonsai image is a little too obvious. Unfortunately while working with this negative I put a big scratch in it and so if I want to submit it I have to deal with prints I have already made. I have always liked the picture of the tropical pitcher plant trap and it's shadow. The shadow suggests a bird to me. I never intended any of these photographs to evoke bird like qualities. When I take a photograph I am never sure what it's going to look like until I print it. Perhaps this is where I am at in my photography or it's just the way I make pictures. I am never sure at the beginning when I make the decision to release the shutter just what the light reflecting off of the temporal world will reveal after it passes through the lens and settles in to the film.


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