Monday, September 01, 2008

Dry mounting my prints. After practicing cutting mats for a couple of days I wanted to look at some finished results so I spent this morning dry mounting three different prints that I had cut window mats for. I pulled out the dry mount press I bought three years ago but rarely use. After watching a pro mount a print I felt this time I understood the process a little better and felt fairly confident. Make sure that there is no dirt on the back of the print or on the tissue or on the surface of the mount board. The first part of the job is fairly easy because all you want is to get a piece of dry mount tissue larger then your print tacked lightly to the back of the picture. With the tacking iron and the press if you are unsure of the temperature start low and then adjust upwards in small increments to get the exact temperature you need. Tack the mounting tissue just enough to adhere to the back of the print so that if you lift the tissue the print will stay attached to it. Then cut away the excess. I bought this nice little circular cutter and a self healing mat after seeing it demonstrated at the workshop. I found it easier to use a larger sheet of tissue then the print and then trim it to size. If you have an 8x10 or 11x14 print using a precut sheet of the same size may not cover the print completely so I noticed that having a sheet larger and then trimming it down to size made this job a lot easier. Once you have a print with a lightly tacked sheet of tissue that will fully cover the back of the print center the print on to the mount perfectly centered within the window of the over mat. Once you have it exactly where you want it lightly tack the tissue to the mount to hold it in place and hopefully the tissue is still attached to the print so everything is in position and will not shift when you place it in to the press. Place the window mat over and make sure that the picture is exactly where you want it because at this point if you only lightly tacked it to the mount you can seperate it and reposition. Now we can place it in the press.


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