Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I worked on my second print from my roll of film shot in Oaks Park last month. This picture had some interesting elements because I was able to include 3 rides in the composition but I wanted to bring out the sky a little better. The foreground required about 21 seconds at f16 using a 2 1/2 contrast filter for proper exposure but the sky needed an extra 9 seconds. I cut a crude mask to block the lower part to allow for some extra exposure for the sky but left the foreground alone. The mask covered up the sky between the spokes on one of the rides (slightly left of center) so next time I'll cut the mask to expose that ride with the sky and see if that works better.
I use an archival washer for all my prints that keeps the prints from clumping together while washing, and a hypo-clear bath such as perma-wash to cut down on washing time and save water. A dip in photo flo and then squeegee out the excess water, place the prints between blotter paper, then air dry on racks with nylon screening. Then I put the plants in a proper plant press for a couple of days to flatten them out. You have to do this last step if you work with fiber paper.


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