Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Test Print

Now that I have my new timer I do test exposures in 1.5 sec. increments and from there .5 sec. increments for the middle exposures to fine tune the exposure further.  From there I'll experiment with different contrasts and papers looking for the right combination that comes closest to what I think look bests.  I record on the back of each print all exposure details, the date the print was made and reevaluate once the print is dry and I can study it in better light.  Sometimes I can get excited over a print as soon as I see it and later become less enthusiastic about it and sometimes I dismiss a print the first time I see it but see something later that I think makes it worth reprinting.  Usually what I think is my best work falls in this second category that certain images take time for me to fully appreciate them.


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