Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I was running low on Agfa 100 film, and a newly opened box of paper proved to be all fogged so I had to buy some more of my favorite ilford fiber paper.  I am enjoying the semi-gloss over the matte for the moment and rediscovering Dektol as a paper developer over the ilford product designed specific for warm toned papers.  Developing a picture in both Dektol and Ilford Warm tone developer I could not notice any difference in the prints.  The Dektol is also a bit faster. Now that I have my new print exposure timer I have moved my old Gra-lab timer over the paper developing trays.  Like I have mentioned before I have figured a time factor for developing prints rather than trying to develop the prints by "eye".  If a print seems a tad under or over developed rather than adjust development time I adjust exposure time.  In the long run this leads to more consistent results and the factor system (6 times the seconds when first development in the print is apparent) also allows me to maintain consistency despite temperature changes in the darkroom which can run from 50-80 degrees depending on the seasons and different paper/developer combinations.


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