Sunday, July 04, 2010

I was looking at this picture  taken in Spring 2007 up in Seattle.  Taken with color film, with a 24mm Nikkor lens.  When I get my color film developed I have a high res scan of all the images made so I can post them easier on my blog or make additional digital prints.  Sometimes if a picture lacks something I play around with the controls in the photo software and "enhance" it.   More dramatic but less photographic if we define photography as an "independent" view of reality. I believe that was perhaps the greatest ability of the first cameras to record rather than interpret. The photographer points the camera at a subject and allows the camera to record it in a fraction of a second.  To freeze the moment and hold on to it as it was.  Something a drawing no matter how quickly rendered could  do.  In theory a more objective perspective because it was rendered by an instrument rather than the artists hand.   Photography in the beginning had it's limitations especially the inability to render colors but it did have an ability no matter how crude to quickly and without embellishment render a static view of the world which for me anyway remains it's most valuable feature. 

"...for in spite of the vagueness of most of them, they had a damnably suggestive power which was intensified by the fact of their being genuine photographs-actual optical links with what they portrayed, and the product of an impersonal transmitting process without prejudice, fallibility, or mendacity."

H.P. Lovecraft


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