Saturday, July 21, 2012

I found this photograph tucked between pages of recipes, letters, cards the detritus left in the wake of my Mothers life.  Very few photographs exist of her when she was young because her Mother never would have been able to afford a camera or even see the use in one. Her father probably would have but he was taken away from his family when my Mother was only 6 and institutionalized in the State Asylum  for the rest of his life.  My Mother on the other hand started taking pictures around the time I first did in High School and through her young adulthood she photographed her life and our lives until I was competent enough to take over.  She had several cameras but the one I remember and still have is her Argus C-3 that she would sometimes let me hold and try to take a picture of her with it.  I just couldn't get the hang of holding a camera and coordinating pushing down the shutter button without my whole arm moving and blurring the photograph. I still remember the time when I was 15 and taking my first photography class in High School I got a chance once again to hold a rangefinder camera take my first picture and later develop the film and make my first print.  I remember how accomplished I felt to have a picture that was in perfect focus and absolutely no camera shake.  I still have the print. To this day my favorite photographs are my ones in crispest focus.  I have been busy lately with the closing out of my Mothers life and estate and have had little time for much else.  Soon though I hope to write a more thorough memorial to my first teacher and then continue on with my own record.
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