Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some recent photos taken in the new Aquarium.  The Madagascar Lace Leaf  which bloomed earlier this month is forming some seed pods and this really sweet little plant Dwarf Pennywort, Hydrocotyle sibthorpiodes that I am hoping does well.

I was looking for a small filter for a 10 gallon Aquarium I use as a Quarantine
tank for new fish.  Originally I set it up with a internal sponge filter with an air pump which I didn't think was doing a very good job.  I was about to buy an external hang on filter but then I saw this and though a tad more expensive, as all canister filters are, I really like it.  I had some issues in setting it up and I ended up breaking a small internal part (that I have ordered a replacement) but other than that once I got it going I was really impressed with it.  I had wondered about canister filters for small aquariums and this is perfect.  It is made by Zoo Med and called a Turtle Clean Nano Aquarium filter and it was separate from the other filters in my LFS so I missed it at first.  It is small but extremely quiet, no gurgling or humming from air pumps.  It also has flow control for both the intake and outtake tubes.  I found this light unit on e-bay a month ago for an Aquarium and a few of my orchids and though it is great for the plants it was way too bright for the Aquarium.  The tank went totally green (as in Algae) and I cleaned it out, soaked the plants in tap water with a couple extra drops of bleach, got rid of the Sponge Filter and covered the top of the Aquarium with green shade cloth that I have used outside over my house plants when I move them outside for the Summer.  I am hoping this will do a little bit better job of keeping the water clean.  I keep the Aquarium bare of substrate and put the plants in pots with Amazonia Aqua Soil.  They don't get co-2 so they don't grow as fast but maybe if I can keep the Algae down I can get them doing better.  I need a place to move plants I am taking out of my CO2 infused Aquarium because the Aquarium quickly became a jungle.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

More photos of the Madagascar Lace Leaf flower as it opens up more.

Aponogeton madagascariensis with Pistia stratiotes.  Madagascar Lace Leaf flower with immature water lettuce plants.
Aponogeton madagascariensis flower

Crystal red Shrimp on Madagascar Lace Leaf

Nerite Snail on Cryptocoryne
Some photos taken today in the Aquarium that has been occupied now for about a month.

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