Sunday, February 27, 2011

Todays print.  Dark day and had to shoot at a slow exposure and brace the camera on a wall.  Didn't work very well but the picture has a certain significance to me and it was the last picture on the roll of film I just developed.

Today I took some time to make a contact sheet of the roll of film I developed last week and then selected one negative for a print.  From the top down here is my print finish technique.  The print drying between nylon screens, print after being in photo-flow excess water is squeezed out of the print gently, photo-flo solution after washing, a dip in perma wash for elimination of fixer saves on water rinse and protects prints for archiving by eliminating as much of the fix from the washed print.  I wash my prints for a short time, dip for two minutes in perma wash and then follow by a final wash of a few minutes before putting them up to dry. 
Here are two test prints the one on the left made exclusively with the "soft" contrast light, and on the right made with the "hard" contrast light.  I select an exposure from each and then make my first test print as a combination of the two.  In this case I liked a .38 second exposure with the soft light and a 4.5 second exposure with the hard light. I expose the paper then .38 seconds using only the soft light, followed by a second exposure of 4.5 seconds with the hard light and see what I get. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Developed my first roll of film probably since last Summer.  Haven't worked darkroom for months.  I have everything mixed and ready to go so it doesn't take that much prep time, just select some music and get started.  This was a roll of Agfa 100 I developed in Rodinal at a 1:50 dilution, development time was 18 minutes.  I use distilled water rather than stop bath.  I let the film sit in a water bath around a minute, then change the water let it sit another minute and change again.  I do this about 4-5 times allowing the film just a little more developement time than fix, wash, perma-wash, final wash, photo-flo and then hang them up to dry.  The negatives go back as far as last August.  This next weekend I'll make a contact sheet and then start the process of printing what I think is interesting.
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