Monday, July 19, 2010

My darkroom work the last couple of weeks has dragged.  I am waiting to finish three different rolls of film before I can process but this weekend I did manage to complete one roll of color film up in the Arboreteum shooting with friend that I hope to take in for processing today.  The last couple of times I tried doing some darkroom printing I was working with old negatives and none of them really got  past the test print stage before I abandoned them for the time being and never bothered to produce a finshed print. Ansel Adams mentions to keep a large garbage can in your darkroom and don't be afraid to toss out what you are not totally proud of. 

I saw this Madron up in the Arboreteum this weekend that intrigued me though I didn't take any pictures on film of it.  I made a print yesterday of this old negative from 71' of this bullfrog I patiently waited to photograph. I noticed the film from these pond shots were done with Panatomic X, great film that I wish was still available.


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