Sunday, October 21, 2012

Major Computer upgrade.  It's been 7 years since I replaced my computer.  I went through a local company that will build a system for you for cost of parts and 20.00 in labor.  I went with high end and ahead of the curve a little. Big step up from Windows XP.  I also bought the software Lightroom 4 which I still need to figure out.  I also like to play computer games so when I buy a new system I invest in good graphics so I can enjoy the newest games for a few years until the system is outdated and then it becomes a basic work computer until I'm ready for the next upgrade.  I bought a true mechanical keyboard this time and a gaming mouse which I think was really worth the extra cost.  I especially love the feel of a true mechanical keyboard which I was never even aware they made.  I got a full tower case and replaced two of the 200mm fans with LED lit fans it looks very cool especially at night.  The system has 4 case fans. 


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